Special Websites Students Need to Know

  • University Main Website: This is the official website of the Technical University of Kenya. You will get most of the information regarding the Historical Background, Administration, Academics, Research, Latest News, Notices, links to other useful websites, among others.

  • University Library: This is the website for the Library Services of the University. You will find details regarding the Electronic Resources available to students, Library operations, and links to other digital repositories. The University also have her own digital repository powered by DSpace.

  • Staff Portal: This portal enables you to access details about staff members of the University like position, academic background, work/teaching experience, research areas, publications, among others.

  • eLearning Portal: This portal enables you to to interact with your lecturers online. Through the portal, you can access course notes, submit assignments, among others

  • Online Application Portal: This portal enables students and others to apply online for various programmes offered by the University.

  • Students Official Email: This is a cloud mailing services offered to students by the University in cllaboration with Google Inc. You can access your official email and default password from retrieve here.