Help Desk - Student Online Portal

How to Log Into the Portal

First, you MUST be a registered student of the Technical University of Kenya for you to be allowed to login.

About Username

Your username is your Full Registration Number (e.g. ABBQ/00001/2016 or 111/00001).

In case you have forgotten your Registration Number, kindly visit Admission & Recruitment Office.

About Initial Password

Your initial password should be what was captured as your National ID/ Passport/ Birth Certificate Number during admission.

Module I (Government-sponsored) students should try their full KCSE index number as password.

A student can try a dot (.) as password also, especially those who joined the University before the year 2011.

REMEMBER to change the initial password to something you can easily recall but difficult for someone to guess.

In case you cannot remember your password, please visit the Admission & Recruitment Office.


Error encountered during the generation of the fee statement. Please contact Admissions Office for more information.

How to Apply for Student ID Card

  1. Start by Logging into the Portal
  2. Update your profile details like ID number, county, religion, contacts,among others
  3. Enter your next of kin details (this is your relative, especially your parent, or guardian) who can be can be reached in case of emergency.
  4. Upload passport photo, which should be on a WHITE background with approximately 200px by 200px size.
  5. Submit and wait for the Student ID to be processed.
  6. Collect your Student ID at the Admission & Recruitment Office once it showing on your portal "Ready for Collection".

Renewal of Student ID should be done at the Fee Portal

Services Offered

On the portal, you have access to various services and some important information regarding students.

These services include:

  • Applying for Student ID and updating your personal details. You can always check what kind of information has been captured about you. You need to inform the office of Student Admission & Recruitment immediately in case your details are conflicting.
  • Access your Examination Results, both Provisional and Final Results
  • Access Fee Statement available at the Fee Portal
  • Appy for various Online Services including but not limited to: SATUK Bursary | Evaluate Lecturers | Book Room | Register Club| Register as Class Rep, among others.
  • Change password, and send mail to the Portal Admin in case of any queries.

Special Websites Students Need to Know

  • University Main Website: This is the official website of the Technical University of Kenya. You will get most of the information regarding the Historical Background, Administration, Academics, Research, Latest News, Notices, links to other useful websites, among others.

  • University Library: This is the website for the Library Services of the University. You will find details regarding the Electronic Resources available to students, Library operations, and links to other digital repositories. The University also have her own digital repository powered by DSpace.

  • Staff Portal: This portal enables you to access details about staff members of the University like position, academic background, work/teaching experience, research areas, publications, among others.

  • eLearning Portal: This portal enables you to to interact with your lecturers online. Through the portal, you can access course notes, submit assignments, among others

  • Online Application Portal: This portal enables students and others to apply online for various programmes offered by the University.

  • Students Official Email: This is a cloud mailing services offered to students by the University in cllaboration with Google Inc. You can access your official email and default password from retrieve here.